❤️What is a wig sale? 
For all my new followers: after I’ve recorded a video with a unit I then sell it for a lower price. This means the unit typically will be colored (if it was colored), be pre plucked, and may have already bleached knots. Pricing depends on how often the unit has been worn (most of the times only once for video purposes) and if the unit was handmade. So yes the units are WORN not BRAND NEW. And ppl are always begging me to do this monthly. •

DONT ARGUE or NEGOTIATE WITH ME with units! I also cannot hold items and PRICING will not change. •

If you have ever participated in my past wig sales you know I typically put 11-23 units up and usually they ARE GONE within minutes !!!!
First come first served !

All units will be sold on SimoneSharice.com
I will show more styles as we get closer to the time. •

After each item is purchased please allow for 8 whole dayssss to receive unit !!