Everything you need for a Flawless wig install

I wanted to let you all in on all the products that I feel is necessary for a flawless lace front wig install. Here are all the products I use and here’s a tutorial where I explain exactly how to successfully get a flawless slay !

Here are all the products I used in this video:

1. Get an amazing curling iron

T3 SinglePass Curl Professional Ceramic Curling Iron

Now this curling Iron is a game changer ! I love it. It gets EXTREMELY hot, so be careful please ! It heats up super fast and fits in your hand perfectly. This iron is perfect for real hair and wigs. However, I would suggest adjusting the temperature if using it on your real hair. For this wig, I have it on the highest heat.

2. Get a Hairspray That serves more than one purpose

This hairspray is best for holding curls. It’s even better to use on lace wigs as far as holding a curl in place and keeping the volume in the hair set. Herbal Essences Set Me Up Beautiful Bold Hold Level 4 . One of my favorite things besides the hold is the small. Sometimes after all the heat applied, hair can have a certain “flat iron” type of smell. This spray eliminates that !

3. a Flatiron that promotes shine & eliminates FRIZZ

The Baby Bliss Pro Titanium Flat Iron 2 Inch , Here’s a flat iron that I have been using for years and in almost all of my videos because its amazing and does what it promises ! It also heats up super fast and is wide enough to grip shorter hair lengths. To me, this flat iron is one of the best on the market and. works really well on textured, natural, and kinky hair. I use this for my silk presses and I’m amazed every time.

4. The best blowdryer I ever bought

The Conair SilverBird Turbo Dryer is killer. YOU NEED THIS in your hair tool CLOSET ! It’s the only blowdryer I use and it has been going strong for nearly 4 years. Something important to know is, it GETS EXTREMELY HOT, so proceed with caution when using. I love that it works as good as a blowdryer that costs over $200 because this blowdryer comes in at only $47.99.


The Gold-N-Hot Professional 24K Gold Pressing and Styling Comb will change your wig wearing life trust me ! It makes your wig nice and flat and flattens out any kinks you may have either near the hair line or near where your part is.

6. Non-Oily Hair Oil

I’m usually ALWAYS using a hair oil on my wigs, but it’s important to get an oil that does not weigh the wig down. You want an oil thats lightweight, smells nice, and also adds a nice shine to your hair. I always use an oil from Garnier Fructis. In this video I am using Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Marvelous Oil Hair Elixir

7. Installing the wig

I usually always use Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Hairspray to secure the wig honey ! It does the job and lasts a couple of days before having to do any touch ups !

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