mY 4 Step SkinCare Routine for Glowing & Clear Skin

As you all know I have struggled with skincare and learning what’s really best for my skin type! Over the years I have tried my hardest to learn about achieving clear , soft, and glowing skin. With that being said, several products have been bought, used, and thrown out. And I still haven’t given up. You see, I was choosing my products ALL WRONG. I wasn’t focused on products that have the correct formula and what the goal of the product was.

Fast forward to today, I’ve incorporated four products in my skincare routine that have made ALL the difference ! They have evened my skin tone, brighten my complexion, and aided in lighten my dark spots.


The Supertone from elf is LIFE !! It does exactly what it promises and most importantly has glycolic acid which is the key ingredient to glowy and brighter skin. It also has Alpha Hydroxy Acid with low pH that helps tone, balance and clear skin. I use this facial toner daily with a cotton pad to help remove dead skin. Be sure not to drown your cotton pad with this product because it can burn your skin if you overdo it.

Dove Glowing Body Wash

Looking for a body wash that does what it promises? Well here you go! I have been using dove products for what feels like forever. The cucumber scent is easily my favorite. I have also tried every single scent they have developed because they just always smell so amazing.

However, this glowing body wash is VERY different from the rest giving your skin a soft Glowy and moisturized feel & look all in one. I like the way my body feels once I’ve left the shower. The mango and almond butter elements are soothing and I am pretty sure this what gives the GLOW factor and leaves a lingering scent on you all day.

I honestly have a really really bad habit of not moisturizing once I come out the shower, so it’s relieving to have a product that incorporates a moisturizer that leaves your skin looking healthy and radiant.

Pond’s Dark Spot Corrector Clarant B3 Normal to Dry Skin

Pond’s Dark spot corrector is personally one of my FAVORITES !!!! Your dark spots will be gone and your skin will be clear in no time. But as with any product, you NEED to use this consistently ! That is the only way you will see results.

I use the ponds dark spot corrector TWICE DAILY ! I make sure to use this product 15 minutes after I have used the elf toner, as mentioned before. I like to put space into between when I use products to make sure that each product gets to do its job properly, without the interruption of another products formula.

Dove Body Wash Mousse with Coconut Oil

I discovered Doves Mousse Body wash at Beautycon a few years ago and have been hooked ever since ! Not only does this product work as a body wash but you can substitute it for a shaving cream as well, which is what I use this product for , I shave almost every 2 days and each time I do my legs are SUPER smooth and buttery soft. I take this product with me EVERYWHERE ! You basically get 2 products in 1 and I also specifically use the coconut oil because it cleanses and cares for skin.

Shaving my legs is apart of my routine and has always been. I like when my legs feel so soft that even I can’t resist touching them ! It’s the most satisfying feeling ever.

All of these products are super essential in having clear, glowy, and moisturized skin. It has worked for me and honestly I love a product that smells amazing and does what it promises. It makes me believe in the brand and love the brand even more. But as for the Dove Glowing body Wash , this is a product you NEED to have in your skincare closet , you will definitely feel the difference and see the GLOW in your skin over time. Click here to check it out

***This blog post is sponsored by Dove. All opinions and experiences are my own.