BEDROOM REFRESH : how to make your space look bigger, brighter, fresher, & airy + Time Lapse cleaning

There’s nothing better than jumping into a fresh, new, clean set of bedding. It’s refreshing and honestly, it was needed. I typically like my bed to be covered in ALL white bedding all year round, now and then I’ll swap it out for a grey or spontaneous color but it never really feels the same. Your bedroom should be a space for you to naturally wind down and it should be nothing but positive energy. This is where colors come into play!


White symbolizes purity and innocence and makes your space feel clean. As for my pop of color, I decided to go with royal blue, similar to my headboard. When you think of royal blue, think sophisticated, rich, ocean & the sky. Those two colors alone are calming already and bring life to almost any space. Also, play with textures! I added two dec pillows that had two different textured surfaces. At any time, I could flip these pillows showcasing either textures and making it seem “new”.

Throughout the bedroom, you can see certain pieces of furniture have a black detailing or are “mirrored”. Then there are the faux plants that bring everything together. The greenery represents purity as well, makes the space feel comfortable, and makes the room either bigger or the walls taller.

White bedding makes your headboard pop if it’s on the darker side like mine and makes your bedroom look brighter and bigger. However, keep in mind that white sheets don’t last as long and can start to look very “worn” & “slept in” if the quality isn’t as great. I probably buy new sheets every time I come across a new texture, pattern, or design… or whenever I go into HomeGoods. And so that’s what happened, last Saturday I needed to visit HomeGoods after an Orange Theory class and re-up on bedding and bathroom essentials.

I tried listing everything in this blog post, but as you guys know, many things that are sold in TJ MAXx, HomeGoods, and Ross can be a little difficult to locate online. However, I was able to find some of the exact items which you can find down below and for the ones that I couldn’t find, I ended up linking similar items.

SONG that I am using in the IGTV VIDEO: is from

  1. Night Stand:
  2. Comforter Set: ( I can’t find it in white but I found it in Silver)
  3. Queen/Full Nautica Blanket:
  4. 1st Sheet Set:–ljnF8FOxvJWOqPQ I Can’t find the same exact one, but the one I had was similarly priced and infused with Lavender. These are similar and are infused with Lavender.
  5. Computer Desk: Home Goods, Not sure of the brand (comment if you want me to link ones similar)
  7. Fabreze Ocean Scent:
  8. White foam thing I spray on my carpet & Sofa:
  9. Large Plant:
  10. Black fluffy carpet: Ross
  11. Computer chair: Can’t Find but it was from ross.