How To Create Perfectly Organized Kitchen Cabinets

Honestly, I hate organizing but it’s one of those things that must be done, or else you’ll feel like your living in complete chaos. And there’s just something about seeing the end result that gives me instant gratification, it’s so undeniably pleasing. So here I was one Saturday evening, organizing my life away with the help of some amazing finds that I found at my local Target, Walmart, and off of Amazon.

I created an entire HOW TO tutorial on youtube, where I explained how I went about organizing my kitchen cabinets. I’ll list a few helpful tips here as well!


Planning is key! This way you can eliminate the idea of being overwhelmed. Plan for a specific amount of cabinets if you’re not up for doing all of your cabinets all in one day. Also, planning helps to determine what will be in each cabinet and on every shelf, so you will know what to purchase to maximize your space and make your shelves look extremely neat. Once your planning is over, everything else will be super easy! Use little post it’s like I did!

2. Purchase Smartly

Purchasing smartly goes with planning. It would suck to buy a huge haul of items to only realize they will not fit in your cabinets or may not be what you envisioned. I say, if you’re stuck on maybe 3 styles, buy one of each and see how it will fit in your home as I did. The ones that didn’t make the cut, either return them or find a use for it somewhere else in the house.


I tried to stay on a budget because I thought it made more sense. So I went with Walmart, Target, and Amazon. But you can check out dollar tree, Kohls, Bed Bath & Beyond, and so much more.


White Shelf Target

Walmart Shelf

Walmart 3 Tier Shelf

Silver drawer

Thanks for reading my loves, be sure to check out the video for an aesthetically pleasing time lapse!