February Favs| 5 Items I added to my wardrobe & Life

There are so many things that I can’t live without, but for February I decided to Zero in on 5 things that I purchased & received that I now realize I probably can’t live without.

Anywho, some of my top favorite things include makeup, hair products, fashion, electronics, and pretty much anything that has caught my interest within the last month

1. My New Iphone Pro Max 11

I know, I’m a little late in the game. Buuuut, technically the iPhone pro max 11 came out only in September, so I’m not that late to the game lol. I’m typically not the type to upgrade my phone whenever a new one comes out, I usually upgrade every other iPhone release that comes out. I loved my iPhone 8+ , but I just needed something fresh and my battery was dying way to quickly. So that’s really what pushed me to upgrade.

2. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

Okay, talk about a primer that does the job and then some. I was gifted this product and it has become my new personal favorite for February. I mostly love how it feels like a moisturizer more than anything. It doesn’t have that weird sticky feel that some primers have. This product allows for your foundation to lay smooth and gives it a flawless SMOOTH finish making your skin look hydrated. GO Laura! 

I used the primer in this little Instagram tutorial video

3. Jeans I got from PLT

I am not going to lie, Pretty Little Thing and I have a love-hate relationship. I feel like I am guessing my size every time I order something from this boutique. Some things are a hit and miss and some things fit amazing. I love the slit at the ankle of these jeans, so trendy and cute. I decided to purchase these in a SIZE 6, there is little to no stretch in them, but you can see I still have room in it around the waist and thigh area. I wouldn’t go down in size if I were you. These are my new fave jeans, I can pair this with several different bodysuits and tops.


4. Polka Dot Top

This polka dot top has easily become one of my favorite purchases. Easy to pair with just about anything, comfortable, and so chic. I got this shirt in a SIZE 6.


5. Nude Clear Heel Mule Sandals

I love a clear heel and you all are very aware of that! They are comfortable, cute, and go with everything. I hope this trend never goes out of style. They are my go-to shoe! I got these shoes in a SIZE 7, they fit perfect! Usually, I wear a size 6, but with PLT sometimes you just never know.

You can find me wearing these shoes in every outfit on this post.\\ Shoe link here: \\