Visiting The Rose Mansion NYC

Rosé is indeed a girls favorite !

I’m sure you guys have all seen all the infamous photos from the lovely Rosé Mansion in New York City all over social media. This place is made for Instagram, you can pretty much get a great selfie anywhere during this entire tour. I was in New York this past winter and made it my duty to visit this museum before I left the state. It’s a Rosé lover heaven. Inside is beautiful and decorated to perfection. I was mostly impressed that each room had a very extravagant theme- my fav room being the room with the bathtub and flowers.

I’m happy that I decided to visit the Rose Mansion when the hype about it simmered down. I was worried that it was going to be uncomfortably packed, where getting a photo in each room could take forever.

Now, I went on this tour hoping to get lit! WRONG lol. You will get tiny amounts of Rosé, which I guess would result in having several senseless belligerent drunks. However, at the end of the tour you can purchase a bottles of the wines that you enjoyed throughout the tour (which are super overpriced if you ask me). But I did buy a shirt ! lol

All in all, I had great tacos that were 100% vegan ! Loved Loved Loved those! This was perfect for a girls night out. I went with my mother, sister, cousins, and best friend. Perfect way to end my trip to New York.

My Mommy
My best Friend Rashidat

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