Amazon Fashion Try on Haul

This was my first time ordering from Amazon, and I must say, I was highly impressed. Now, if you don’t have amazon prime, you may need to get it, because more than half the items I ordered were delivered the very next day. A few more were given 2 days after purchasing, and I am still waiting for two more pieces. But all in all, I’m happy this was a smooth process.

NOTE: If you are shopping any of the sales I post, I get a small commission when you shop directly from my blog or my Instagram. 

I’ve always wanted to try Amazon’s clothing. Every-time I go on Instagram or Youtube; it seems people are always bragging and boasting about their newest purchase that they received and just how amazing the quality is. So since then, the idea has always crossed my mind. However, after reading and seeing several reviews on Amazon’s website, I ended up shying away from actually making a purchase. The pictures that customers would take did no justice for the items. I would always fill my cart and abandon it. Well, not this time.

I decided to purchase the pieces that I needed, rather than doing a pointless haul and grabbing items. I am a huge fan of cozy, stylish sweaters, and I have been searching for a pair of excellent quality faux leather leggings and to think I found them on Amazon. All of the items were correctly constructed, fit perfect, and had such a fantastic feeling.

While I enjoyed doing this haul, I would love to know your feedback! I also would like to know if you guys enjoy seeing the items on Amazon come to life, would you want me to do more try on hauls? If so, comment either on my YouTube video or in the comment section down below. Love you all!!!