Summer isn’t Over yet: Little Cute Satin Dress

I fell in love with this little dress and felt the need to spread the word. I have been raving about it on Instagram. I know fall is around the corner, but this is a piece that is very versatile and can be worn all year round. I bought this item from Forever 21 some weeks ago, the price point is very low coming in at $17.99 in both black and this lovely sea-foam color.

A while back, I gave the mall a long break and began shopping only with online boutiques. I felt like these online boutiques and Instagram sellers had a different style of clothing and unique pieces that stores in the mall did not offer. Plus, trying on clothes at home is WAY better than trying on clothes in the STORE.

However, recently I find myself missing the experience of walking around the stores, trying on clothes, seeing what fits, and how it fits. This my friends, is what led me back to Forever 21. Once in a while, I’ll pop in and pick up a few items and must-haves. The best part ever, is people NEVER guess that I got my items from Forever 21. So, make sure you choose your items wisely.

This dress is so super cute, fits perfectly, does not rise when you walk, and has a slight stretch to it. Might I add, the color is so beautiful and compliments almost any skin tone.

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