Brunchin’ on Sundaze: 5 Church Atlanta

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This weekend I decided to brunch with the girls at 5 Church Atlanta. I’ve been here before, but when she asked me to advise her on a cool, upscale restaurant with amazing cocktails AND food, my mind went straight here. On a Sunday, it can be packed, so make sure you reserve a table for the number of people that will be attending in your party.

My favorite area in the restaurant is the bar. It’s incredibly fast-paced, aesthetically pleasing, and offers a wide variety of drinks. The walls are painted with writings, and long curtains hang, which act as a separator if needed.

Located Where?

5 Church Atlanta is located in Midtown Atlanta. This was my second time visiting 5 church Atlanta. Usually, before I create an entire blog post on a location, I like to give it at least two visits before I decide if I love the place. But it’s been confirmed; I love this restaurant. This restaurant has two floors and an outdoor patio area. It’s been unbearably hot in Atlanta this summer, so each time I opted in for indoor seating. I also don’t believe the top floor is open for seating during brunch hours.

How’s The Vibe?

I, for one, love the vibe of this restaurant. I’ve only ever visited this location for brunch, but I am interested in experiencing 5 Church for dinner. If the vibe is anything like how is it for Sunday Afternoon than I have been missing out. Inside is large and spacious and comprised of nearly three levels. The lighting becomes slightly darker towards the back, and the front of the restaurant is filled with natural daylighting… Perfect for selfies!!

How were the Drinks?

If you guys are familiar with my blog, you’ll know I typically only go for a glass of Prosecco, and that will do. It’s personally one of my faves and an easy fix for me. But, I promise next time I come back here I’ll be sure to try one of their custom cocktails.

Customer Service?

My server was Scott, Manager, for 5 Church Atlanta. He was terrific and tended to our tables needs in a timely matter. He gave us a nice rundown of what was tasty, refreshing, and filling.

Food Quality:

Okay, let’s talk about food! I’m going to be completely honest; the first time I visited this restaurant, I ordered almost one of everything. I feel like this is a great place to come to with a group of people. Two reasons being, your bill tends to be inexpensive, and you also get a chance to order as much as you want on the brunch menu. This time around, I decided to go with the Crab Cakes which were to die for. I mean, how do they make it so perfect? Who’s the chef? It was amazing, flavorful, hot, and tasty.

Majority of my table ordered the chicken and waffles. I must say, I don’t eat waffles, but their waffles are amazing. I also don’t eat syrup, so you can imagine, If I can eat the waffles without syrup than it’s damn near amazing!!

Well, there you have it, brunch on sundaze was actually fantastic. It usually is, and I will be back for dinner !!