The Best Food I’ve had in a while | Beetlecat

Yesterday I tried a new restaurant in the Atlanta area, and I couldn’t be happier. Inman Park is easily one of my favorite cities to visit, and usually, when I go, I keep the same routine and visit the same places. Why? Because I just do, although I love BarTaco, Voga Gelato, and Vino Teco, I always tell myself when I go back down there I’m going to try a new place.

This past Sunday, it was fathers day, and that was when I had the push to try something new. My family and I tried Beetlecat. The outside of the restaurant is hugely inviting and gives off a beachy feel sort of “sailor-like.” Super fresh, clean, and filled with character. Upon entering the restaurant, I instantly fell in love with the decor. It felt comforting. The sunlight peeking through the windows is just enough for you to capture the perfect selfies and family photos.

For drinks, we opted for the Royal Hawaiian which had gin , pineapple, and few other things in it, while I had a glass of prosecco. The drinks were perfect and strong. Perfect for a Fathers Day Sunday!

The food was my favorite part, our table ordered several dishes and shared them all. Since they were all so amazing, we ended up reordering and ended up getting 2 of everything. We were so stuffed by the time it was time to leave. We also received the last lobster sandwich, we were told they get their shipment on Monday, and we happened to be the lucky table to order the last one they had left. I didn’t have the opportunity to taste it because I was so full from the other dishes, but I was told that it was great. It’s served chilled by the way.

My favorite dish was the Spicy Rice, it was AMAZING!! The second time around of ordering it I ordered it without the sunny side up egg and without the peanuts just to see if it made a difference, but it still tasted amazing. The different flavors and sauces are to die for. Heres a head up, the rice is entirely spicy, not to spicy for me, but spicy enough for three of my family members to pass up on. Which wasn’t a problem, that just meant more rice for me?

If you are in the Atlanta area, you MUST come here. I left there wishing I had taken home some leftovers lol. Highly impressed with the food here! Seasoned to perfection!!

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