It’s been a while since I’ve done a skin care routine so I thought now would be a great time considering the seasons are about to change. When the seasons change, my skin tends to do the same.. but for the worst. I’ve always been a huge fan of skincare products, I just love the idea of being able to treat my skin and test different products out. I can see which one works perfectly with my skin vs which ones are just a straight up no no.

I tried a couple of new products for my skincare routine that I just so happen to love. I’ve been using them for the past couple of weeks and I love them. The products I used are from brands that I haven’t tried before but always wanted to try. Like Bliss, I’ve seen several of there products and passed by there store several times when I used to live in New York but never managed to go inside.

Heres My SkinCare Routine:

Here are the items that I used for my SkinCare: