Top 10 Sunscreens for Black Girls

As summer approaches, it’s essential for everyone, regardless of skin tone, to prioritize sun protection. While there’s a common misconception that individuals with darker skin don’t need sunscreen, the truth is that all skin types require protection from the sun’s harmful rays. In this guide, we’ll explore the importance of sunscreen for black girls and […]

Yoga in chicago

Hey Girlies, I went on a brand  trip with Peach & Lily x Ulta Beauty this past week. It was life changing and it also came at a very perfect time because I was starting to feel slightly uninspired. While I can’t speak for every content creator, most creators  have a brand trip on their […]

Frozen Vegan Mudslides

Cake cake sweet roll sugar plum gummi bears jelly jelly-o. Liquorice soufflé chocolate cake chocolate bar muffin bear claw. Candy cheesecake toffee marshmallow lollipop marzipan oat cake sesame snaps tart. Cupcake muffin brownie dessert oat cake macaroon carrot cake. Jelly beans powder macaroon. Macaroon icing bonbon dessert cake soufflé. Croissant gingerbread cake icing gingerbread dragée […]

Casual HM try on haul

Hey everyone, Today I wanted to do a try on haul for the girlies that like to be casual every once in a while. Now, I love getting dressed up and being over the top, but for the days where I want to fit in with the working world or visit a nice cafe, these […]

Missguided Try-on haul

Hey Yall, I am doing a missguided try on haul today and I wanted everything to be classy, nude, neutral, and stylish. Outfit 1: Turtle neck sweater: SIZE: US4 // Teddy Coat Size: US 4 // TROUSERS: SIZE: US 4 Outfit 2: Slinky 1 shoulder dress: SIZE: US 4 Outfit 3: […]

Equipment I use for Social Media

So I am finally doing the most requested video ever !! My beauty guru filming setup !!! You guys have been asking forever and so in this video I am UNLEASHING ALL the secrets that everyone else wont. This video shows all the equipment I use and how to get the most out of a […]

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